A new path to better decisions

Every day, skilled teams launch new projects into uncertain futures. Understanding risks, opportunities and innovations form the basis for sound strategic decisions.

At Captario we provide teams with the tools they need to transform their business, tools that measure the impact of decisions, gauge every possible path to success, and quantify risks and opportunities.

That’s why we created Captario SUM®.

Captario SUM® sets a new gold standard for strategic decision making in drug development projects and portfolios. Project teams can model, simulate and analyze development options and get the most benefit out of a drug. Similarly, portfolio teams can determine the investment strategy that best aligns with business goals and constraints at the enterprise level.

Model – Easily turn team knowledge into a project model

Captario SUM® provides an intuitive graphical interface for project modeling. Teams can easily capture the full life cycle of a drug encompassing its development and projected sales. This allows specific project decisions to be made in light of the overall program value and risk. Captario SUM can capture all type of uncertainties and any level of complexity so that the team’s full knowledge is represented in the model.

Simulate – Run your projects a million times

Captario SUM® uses its simulation engine to give project teams the benefit of running a project tens of thousands of times, all in a matter of seconds. Each iteration in the simulation represents one possible future of the project. Finally, managing risks in drug development becomes part of the decision making process.

Analyse – Gain new and actionable insights

Captario SUM® leverages the big data from simulations through high-utility visualizations that provide actionable insights. For any metric, the level of uncertainty is provided to indicate risk and decision-makers get insights into the key drivers for project value.

Let us help you make better decisions

Captario offers trials and pilots of Captario SUM®. Our technical staff is ready to help set up a decision-making environment suited to your organization. Get in touch today and start your journey towards better decisions.

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