Maximize the value of drug development projects


The challenging reality of drug projects

Drug projects are constantly faced with complex and strategic decisions that often have great impact. Yet, there is very little support for these decisions and sometimes teams are forced into misleading simplifications that can jeopardize great opportunities.

The need for change

Organizations need new ways to support project teams in design and decision making activities.

How Captario came to be

First hand experience

Most of us at Captario come from big pharma companies. We have experienced the difficulties of comparing possible program options or clinical strategies. We know that sometimes decisions are made in silos because it seems too hard to factor in all aspects.

The start of Captario

We built Captario SUM to help project teams overcome these challenges and enable them to make objective decisions with respect to value and risk – across organizational functions and across the entire product life cycle.

The impact so far

The new approach that Captario SUM enables has led project teams to new insights and ultimately to new and better ways of developing a drug.

The Solution

DESIGNALYSIS – A loop of Creativity and Analysis

Captario SUM enables a loop of creative design and analytical thinking where an idea of how to develop a drug is captured and then simulated to reflect value and risk over the whole product life cycle. We call this new and iterative approach DESIGNALYSIS.


As a Project leader, you will be able to capture different ideas on how to develop a drug and objectively evaluate them based on overall value and risk. You will also get a better understanding of your main project risks.

As a Project team, you will get a shared view of the preferred Target Product and the considered program designs. You will also get a better understanding of how organizational functions interplay to drive the development forward.

As a Project sponsor, you will have full assessment of a project strategy and a risk-based view of project time, cost and value.

As a Portfolio owner, you will know the contribution of each project to the value of the portfolio, you will be able to compare projects consistently, and you will know the likelihood of meeting portfolio targets in terms of product launches and project progressions.

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